Get Ready For Radiant Expansion

Beyond Reiki, become an energy healer in real life by releasing yourself from old self-definitions and learning how to reclaim your true size in life and business, because Size Matters!

I am Carolina Pérez, Reiki Mentor & Life Transformation Speaker.
Life is a Fiesta and You are Invited!

A confident spirit does not harm itself or others. It is the full expression of the power of creation. Therefore, a spirit in full ownership of its energy is infinite in capacity, possibilities, and abundance.

As your mentor through your Reiki journey, I open portals in your timeline to access the image of your fully-confident, abundant self. I help you establish open communication and emotional connection with the parts of yourself that are already present in your day-to-day life. You will learn how to call your spirit back from your past or future. By calling your spirit back home to the present, you release your energy flow, to create without being held back by your anchors to the past or future.

Through our work together, with me as your guide, you will learn how to heal energy wounds, release yourself from the source of your pain, and jump back into your true, authentic self. It is time to stop just surviving and start truly living in abundance and healing. You will experience a unique approach that is a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Trauma Release, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Visualization, Reiki, and Pranic Healing, all infused with the Radiant Expansion Frequency. When you find your confidence, it allows you to connect better with your intuition. And that is when you connect your body, mind, spirit, and energy to the Universal Wi-Fi of infinite wisdom! Let’s get started today! Remember, Life is a Fiesta – even during hard times – and YOU Are Invited!

Radiant Expansion Healing Arts are the result of a decade of learning and applying the practices to daily life for transformational energy healing.

As a Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga Teacher, NLP Life Coach, Trauma Release & Timeline Specialist and Pranic Healer, the basis for this mentorship offering is based on my own experience with these healing modalities.

In Reiki Level 1, you build a strong personal daily practice that takes care of your state so your state takes care of you. This first level increases your energy flow to start seeing a physical and emotional transformation in life and business.

And on the Reiki Level 2 phase, you are multiplied by 4 in energy, allowing your energy flow to be sufficient to work with others in a safe and self-guided practice. Both levels can be used for personal development or to enhance your professional offerings and approach to life and business.

Radiant Expansion is based on Reiki principles and uses vital energy flow as its primary tool and source of spiritual connection to the Universal WiFi. When you are living in Radiant Expansion you dare to radically occupy space, love yourself irreverently, and exercise your power with compassion and confidence.

The difference from traditional Reiki Classes is that we work more on mentoring you to become confident about your own power to heal and transform your life and those of others.

I offer three Mentorship Options designed to guide you through this process of self-discovery, self-healing, and empowerment. Each offering comes with the same love and attention from me, and an invitation for you to take a seat at my table of abundance.

Mentorship Options

I offer One, Three, and Nine-Month 1:1 Reiki Mentorship Options

Is a long-term mentorship not right for you yet? Many clients enjoy a shorter journey to start with, to understand the process of living in Radiant Expansion fully.

3 Session Call Your Spirit Back Offering $497

During our three sessions, we will co-create a Life Vision Script inspired by your Higher Self Vision of what you are here to do and the next steps to know how to swim in the ocean of your life. Visit the emotional anchors holding you back from healing. Forgiveness for other people is not enough – you must heal yourself too. Learn ancient breathing techniques that help detox the body and mind for freer living, and take actions that will connect you with the Universal Wi-Fi so you can hear the messages your body and energy are telling you.

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