“Caro your work is amazing. I don’t think that NLP does justice. You are a healer. Una mujer que sana con su presencia; Con sus palabras; Con su vibra. I’ve experienced Caro’s Healing Bathe when I broke my ankle. Thanks to her sessions I didn’t have to get a surgery. We defeated all medical odds”

– Jessica (Austin TX)

“Carolina has a unique ability to touch the deepest parts of the soul with a raw gentleness that only can be found with an anointing that has been God given.”

– Jameeale (New York, NY)

“Carolina is an AMAZING healer! While at a Speak and Write conference in Atlanta in November, I blew my knee out dancing too much at the VIP party. The next day, I literally was unable to bear any weight on it whatsoever. I was in so much pain that if I was even bumped, I winced.

As I was sitting in a networking event with my leg up on a chair and ice on my knee, this lovely pink-haired spirit just sort of floated over to me and asked permission to do some Reiki on my knee, which I gladly accepted. She spent several minutes just laying her healing hands on my knee and gave me some feedback about what pain in that area typically represents. She gave me some affirmations to say and instructions for nurturing myself and my knee.

I took all of her advice that night, and when I woke up the next morning, literally NO pain. Absolutely NONE. And it hasn’t come back since.

So, thank you, Carolina, for your generosity, kindness and healing. I so appreciate you! And if anyone needs some healing, Carolina is a powerful practitioner and healer in many forms!”

– DeAnne (Arcadia, Wisconsin)

“I will strongly recommend their services as I have seen immediate results by using reiki NLP and Pranic healing! As usual I had another wonderful experience today with distance reiki , was diagnosed with bronchitis and had problems breathing after my session with NLP my chest felt so much better and so my breathing. PS: my dog loves reiki he connects and will be relaxed for the rest of the day . With that been said I strongly recommend a different approach like NPL offers its definitely an investment!”

– Michelle (Florida)

“”Rarely does one meet someone so in tune with healing, energy and spirituality. Whether you need to jumpstart your body into healing through Reiki, more robust manipulation through Pranic healing or just reteach your inner self through NLP Carola has the full arsenal of tools to help you reach new horizons.””

– Jesus from (Mississippi)

“My experience of Carolina was that within moments of connecting with her, she was genuinely curious about me and ways she could be supportive to me. I am a transformational coach for stay at home moms to find their purpose, and she really helped me to find honor and trust in myself for my business – and she did it with real ease and fun! Caroline has a real gift at understanding how the body and mind and emotions can work together, and she has a pure heart. Being with her is like being showered in fun, sparkling light! But she doesn’t disregard the hard parts of life, she is really honest and loves finding the gifts and light in darkness and struggle. If you are ready to make massive changes and are willing to really dive into a new realm of life that is above and beyond your wildest dreams, I would definitely recommend you explore having Carolina to be your shining light and guide.”

– Kayla (Austin TX)

“Meeting Carolina has been the beginning for me to love yoga!! She is so kind and insightful with her beautiful accent and teaching techniques!! I am always a little sad when it’s time to leave my session because it is so healing & relaxing. Thank you, Carolina for bringing yoga to me now! You have truly been a special blessing in my life!”

– Mela (Austin, TX)

“Thank you, Carolina, for your help with the Reiki sessions during the long 12 hours of labor and delivery of our son. The experience of assisting you as a channel to help my wife through the process was amazing. I couldn’t believe that my hands were sweating during the process and even peeling the next day from the energy. We cannot be more thankful for all your love, help and support. THANK YOU!!!”

– Kire (Masedonia)

“You are the best ever! Apasionada en lo qué haces, divertida e incansable, ¡trabajadora y sobre todo de un corazón gigante! ¡Responsable y dedicada en tu trabajo por ayudar a quienes te rodean a que aprendan a sanarse a si mismos!”

– Mariela (Puerto Rico)

“Each post I read I see your growth and energy glowing from deep within you; covering those whose darkness buries their hope, giving them a way to happiness and understanding if only they will let go of their fears and face their demons, refusing to die and instead choose life, light, and happiness. Be Blessed Carolina. Trials will come, but do not give up. You have many who need to hear you voice. You, your brother, Jesus, Mia, Geo, all those who have suffered and overcome will lead all others to truth and are beautiful souls whose lives serves as a beacon to all others. I pray for peace and blessing for you and yours.”

– Yocom ( Mississippi)

“She makes me see what I cannot see alone. Ella me hace ver lo que yo no logro ver sola.”

– Millie (Houston, TX)

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The Healer of Words (Certifications):

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish Literature with an English-Caribbean concentration
  • Master’s Degree in Translation
  • Master’s Degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master’s Degree in Communications
  • Creator of Tarot with Healing Words
  • Transformational Speaker & Author
  • Trauma Release Life Coaching
  • Life Energy Coaching
  • Reiki & Pranic Healing
  • Master Grounding Meditation Facilitator
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Spanish Transformational Yoga
  • Pranayama – Controlled Breathing
  • Radiant Expansion Healing Creator
  • Author of Self Radiant Expansion: Practical Guide to update your size in life


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