Some Reiki is better than none and more Reiki is even better! When doing after surgery Reiki sessions for my clients, I am very aware that they might not need or want a whole hour of Reiki, so we divide the total amount of time in several quick and short sessions that i do for them in 2 to 4 days of Reiki. This allows the mental, physical and energy fields to heal with Reiki faster.

Many times I do Reiki before a surgery to prepare the patient and then right after surgery I initiate another short session. This continues for several short Reiki sessions. All of my clients report feeling more relax, the skin healing faster and pain being less or close to none after surgery.

Reiki treatments before surgery allows the body and energy fields to balance so it has more resilience to withstand the  surgery. I have done all of these Reiki sessions at a distance with great results and even during surgery some of my clients have asked to receive Reiki. It is a great way of supporting the patient with vital energy to accelerate the body’s natural process of healing and also to alleviate the trauma that you can experience (at different levels) by being in the hospital,in the operating room and also by just feeling alone in the middle of the pre-surgery waiting process, in the way to the OR and in the recovery room. Knowing that I am right there with you in energy and sometimes even feeling my presence with you, is a powerful experience.

When receiving Reiki before, during and after surgery clients report some of these effects: improved heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Most of all they feel NOT ALONE and relaxed! When patients improve faster the doctors will prescribe less pain medication, so they  get out of bed sooner, which helps prevent post-surgical complications. Also patients receiving Reiki treatment recover bowel function faster, which means they often can go home sooner too.