Distance healing with Reiki, Prana or Vital Energy, also called remote healing has the same effect as healing touch sessions in person.

How Carolina works when doing distance healing?

First lets start by talking about how I let you know we are starting or ending. You will be connecting with me using any of these 3 options:

1- A call on the phone

2- Video call using Skype, FB Messenger or Face Time

3- Setting a time for us to start without initiating a call or video call, just texting each other to know we are about to start your distance healing session.

What can you expect during the energy healing session?

1- You will receive guidance on making yourself comfortable in your space

2- A special music video will be shared with you to connect with each other faster and very easily at the same vibration and shared space in energy.

3- You will lay down or sit in your chosen area inside your home, office or even outdoors in nature : your garden, patio, park, beach (my favorite btw)

4- You will know when we start and when we end the session always

What happens in a distance healing session?

1- You start by giving permission to the healer to help you.

2- The remote healer links to your aura and starts sending healing energy. You will feel the same sensations as if you were in person since your energy field and body will feel the healing energy flowing through you.

3- Some people feel heat, cold, almost asleep (but its really a very deep meditative state), extra energized and in need to move while receiving the healing. All is normal since it is exactly what you need and you will be connecting to that inner voice that let’s you know.

4- I will be always available to answer any questions if necessary during the distance session, so you always feel my presence. Some of my clients say they can even feel me getting near them after the first few minutes of healing flow.

What am I doing as a distance healer for you?

I visualize you and use special techniques to connect with your energy field and emotional field. The technique I choose depends on what energy healing we are doing: Reiki, Pranic or Vital Energy Flow. Since energy know no boundaries, the healing energy gets to you as if I was right there with you because in quantum physics it could be described as just that, I am really right there with you by using the energy web that all living beings share, no mysteries its reality.

All healing is based on the law of natural universal energy which can be shared with anyone.

This type of healing is not faith healing. Remote healing is a way of transferring natural energies to others through visualization. It does not matter how far away your healer is from you. Thoughts, energy and intention transcend time and space.