The key to open the door to abundance is aligning your mental, physical and energy vibration with your wanting. When you do this, you start daring to live a life in Radiant Expansion. This new lifestyle is achieved through the integration of several Life Transformational techniques: NLP Life Coaching, Time Line Transformation, Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditations, Visualizations, and Hatha Yoga. I have been able to combine all these in my own style of delivering them called Radiant Expansion.

I am here to guide you in an exploration of your true self so you can align with your true desires. Because you can only manifest what is already inside of you, we must work on making your inner landscape congruent with what you want to bring into your life.

If your mind, body, and spirit are creating any resistance, you will be dragged down by these anchors. If you are free flowing towards your desires of prosperity and abundance, then massive results can be achieved faster and easier.

An upgraded version of you will open the door to what you really want in life. This is how I am awakening an army of Light Warriors that can manifest their true desires of having more inner peace, self-love, sustainable health, real abundance and infinite prosperity to do more good onto others and enjoy more of all that is divine delicious and magical in life!

Are you creating resistance in your life?

Are you closing more doors than you open daily?

Are you anchored to an old and outdated version of yourself?

As soon as you release your pre-conceived idea of how things should or must be in life, the flow of abundance increases and with it, prosperity.