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Carolina Pérez

“To get what we want faster and easier, we must become one with that thing we want”

Carolina Pérez Mastrapa is the Healer of Words

She is a passionate, intense and vibrant woman. She has walked through darkness, gone through chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction to anything that would help the physical and emotional pain. She is the survivor of a “super fun” divorce that almost destroyed her life, don’t skip a beat… it ends well! Upon entering her 40’s she decided to reinvent herself and she moved from Puerto Rico to Austin, Texas with her family. During this process she was assuming a more honest shape and size, as a result, she updated and healed her conversation with herself and life. Today her passion is guiding others to update their own size in life, to increase their capacity to receive the good things they are wanting in life.

Carolina lives happily in Radiant Expansion, while she puts the finishing touches on her new projects for 2018: Talks and Workshops on Transformation, 3 books in the editing stage and a life that is radically updated and congruent with the frequency of her Mental Radio. Now she plays in her mind the music she likes to dance to. Today everything sounds, looks, feels, tastes and smells radically different. She responds to her favorite mantra: “what if it works?!”. The days she forgets, the noise returns. But now she knows how to change the Mental Radio station faster than light.

Carolina is an Energy & Life Coach with a Master’s in Neuro-linguistics and Trauma Release. She specializes in Life Transformations. She holds certificates in Hypnosis, a Master’s of Internal Communication and Timeline Coaching. As well as being a Master Reiki and Pranic Energy Healer. At 41 years old she became a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga RYS200, Pranayama, and Meditation.

She freed herself from an abusive marriage, an addiction to pain killers and the protective shield she created by releasing 74 pounds of weight. Now, she is preparing to be free of the next 49 pounds by using the same Yoga, Energy Healing and NLP techniques she teaches to her clients. For more than 2 years, she has been guiding the Smiling Hearts Yoga Program for elementary school children with special needs. And is actively expanding to more schools in the AISD, Austin Independent School District. Carolina’s offices in Leander and online, provide Life and Energy NLP Coaching services in multiple forms: monthly programs, the only yoga & mindfulness class in Spanish in North Austin, bilingual meditation, and energy healing classes. In July 27, 2018 she will be guiding a Transformational Yoga Class for the R.E.N.E.W.W you Women Empowerment Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Her social media presence has managed to unite a worldwide audience for her videos on Prayer in High Vibration, Meditation and talks about Life Transformation. Carolina has an audience in English and Spanish, with thousands of followers from Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia. She is a member of the Leander, TX-Chamber of Commerce and the International Association of Healers, Aum Nation. Also, Carolina is active in Hispanic Women Empowerment Groups such as: Amhiga Hispana (Hispanic Girlfriends), “Mujeres Emprendedoras y con Espíritu” (Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs) and local groups like Austin’s Wellness Collaborative, Austin’s Networking and International groups like Holistic Happenings of Central America, South America, North America and Europe.

Carolina also has a B.A. in Literature and a Master’s in Translation. After 12 years of being the CEO of her translation company Carola con K, where her clients included multinational corporations such as; Walmart, Costco, Sam’s, P&G and Corco Oil Refining Co. As a result of her divorce and chronic pain due to the level of anxiety she experienced in this transition, she decided to follow her life’s passion. As soon as she switches her frequency to synchronize her life with her wanting, opportunities started to appear left and right. Six years ago, as she was starting her first NLP Energy Coaching office, she became the only Hispanic Reiki Healer and NLP Life Coach to lead the first holistic resource within a Pain Management and Stem Cell Treatment Clinic, at the hand of the best anesthesiologist in the Caribbean, Linka Matos, M.D.

In 2018, she is expanding herself even more and allowing her light to be radiant for all to see. For the next transition in her life, the creation of her Movement Radiant Expansion, she is allowing herself to learn how to receive more and more frequently the fruits of her intense work. Everything is happening faster and easier in her own life, as she increases the vibration to match the frequency of her wanting: being a Global Speaker and Writer that awakens 1,000 people monthly with her work and lives in Constant Radiant Expansion with her family in abundance of time, health, freedom, love and prosperity.

As a result of experiencing her work, you will be able to update your life, capacity to receive more and deepen your spirituality. IN the process you will get to know yourself in a very raw, honest and healing way, which will allow you to understand healing in real life as something organic we all have access to.

Her path has been long, her battles intense and her rebirth worthy of the Greatest Masters of Life, all of this makes her the Healer of Words.

The Healer of Words (Certifications):

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish Literature with an English-Caribbean concentration
  • Master’s Degree in Translation
  • Master’s Degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master’s Degree in Communications
  • Creator of Tarot with Healing Words
  • Transformational Speaker & Author
  • Trauma Release Life Coaching
  • Life Energy Coaching
  • Reiki & Pranic Healing
  • Master Grounding Meditation Facilitator
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Spanish Transformational Yoga
  • Pranayama – Controlled Breathing
  • Radiant Expansion Healing Creator
  • Author of Self Radiant Expansion: Practical Guide to update your size in life

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Are you ready to pay the price of making it happen?

Do you have space to welcome that thing you desire?

 Are you willing to release the pain that is dragging you down?

My mission is to guide you in transforming your perspective and capacity to receive so you can finally allow abundance and prosperity in through the door.

Yoga Fire Heart

My style is Fire Heart Yoga for Everyone. Learning Yoga with me will bring happiness and fire to your heart. It is an exploration of your masculine and feminine energy in each movement

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