“Sometimes you are wanting to sit in someone else’s couch, but God is trying to give you your own couch.” – Lisa Nichols

How many times have you been at the right moment, in the right place and with the perfect people in life and not seen it? We all have experienced one of those days in which we are living our dream and still we are not fully connected with the reality in front of us.

I once was walking the streets of Paris, France as part of my 15th birthday trip. You see, I had a dad that was older than many of the other dads and he was obsessed with giving me the opportunity to go see the world while he could still make it happen. So for my 15th bday celebration I was asked if I wanted to have a big traditional party or go to Paris with my cousins. That answer was so easy: “Yes I want to Paris and NO I do not want a big doll dress thank you!”

So coming back to my story today, I was walking the streets of Paris in a dream like mental state and I just could not bring myself to fully enjoy it because I was fully focused on taking as many pictures as I could to show my mom. I was hunted in my heart by the feeling of not deserving that moment. I was there but I was just thinking how much my mom would have loved to be there walking Paris too.

After the first 2 days being totally not present in my dream come true trip to Paris, I had to make a decision that for ever changed my life.

I was walking by the famous bookstalls on the bank of the River Seine near Pont Neuf when I saw myself admiring the beauty of the gray skies, recording in my mind the smell of smoke in the Paris city air and touching a wall of one of the buildings in the street to try to connect with the moment, to try to freeze the image in my whole being and to try to mentally record every detail about that moment.

I told no one about it, I just took it all in and decided that I was going to enjoy this trip by recording most of it in my mind, energy and body. I must tell you that still today I can go visit that same building, feel the river sounds, feel the unexpected coldness in the July air of Paris and see the building and my hand right next to it.

With this story I want to share with you today the concept of enjoying the moment life gives us and accept the fact that it is not given to others. I could not understand why and still now the only wisdom I can share is that it just happens. Your river of live never takes other people to the same places you go and you can never get to the same places others are intended to visit in that river ride.

If you learn how to see the beauty of what is given to you, accept the fact that is given to you and enjoy the moment in its full powerful manifestation, you will see “the couches God is trying to give you” to sit and enjoy your blessings.

Also, knowing this secret about life lets you be happy about other people’s couches in life. How many times have you fully enjoyed sitting to observe the joy in a friend’s life? Hope your answer is many times because that is also magic medicine for the soul. Being able to enjoy the moments you sit in other people’s couch while admiring their view makes you define more of what you are and what you are not in life.

I can only hope that today you are inspired to see something about your day that is a beautiful gift from the Universe to you, to embrace the moment because it will be only a moment in your long life and smell, touch, taste, see, hear and record every detail of that moment as if you were sitting in a magic couch from where you can come out of that image and fully sit in gratitude to record the beauty of that minute in your life.

I go visit Paris and many other places at any point in time just because I learned how to let go in a second of the mental noise that was not letting me connect with my here and now. I go travel at any given moment in time just because I recorded so many details of so many travels that my mind can relive the moment at will now.

May you find a couch in time to sit and fully enjoy minutes of your life so you can revisit them at will and be blessed by the joy this brings!

PS: Do not feel bad for my mom… I have traveled a lot and not one time has she ever fully enjoy sitting down to talk and see the photos from any of my trips… that is just not her thing! Tell her about what you ate, a handsome man you met, a spiritual place you visit and felt some healing energy or something intense that happened during the trip and then only then you will have her attention. Photos are just not her thing, so now I take the photos in life I really WANT to keep and I do not stress out anymore about the ones I want to show her. I do go back and read the ingredients in a menu to tell her about my dinner… that is her thing! So again, enjoy your couch when you get it in life and sit to fully embrace your own moment… it will always be your thing!