Want to Live a Life Worth Living?

I believe, I know, I hear, I see, I taste, and I feel

 Life is a Fiesta and you are invited!

What is it that you want the most in life? What you really want needs you to be in the mindset to allow it to happen in your life and pay the price of healing. How much is it going to cost you to make it happen or to release that pain that is dragging you down? I can help you through my services below:

Yoga Fire Heart

My style is Fire Heart Yoga for Everyone. Learning Yoga with me will bring happiness and fire to your heart. It is an exploration of your masculine and feminine energy in each movement

Auto-Expansion Guide

To purchase my new book, Self Radiant Expansion with its online class, click HERE

Monthly Coaching Energy Budget

Learn to design energy budgets to access more health, love, passion and abundance in your life with a monthly program that combines several methods of success

Master of Sabotage

Who is really showing up in your life? How do you choose to heal? Release the anchors from your past and we will co-create and upgrade your definition of self and your life’s purpose

Reiki Radiant Expansion

Beyond Reiki, become an energy healer in real life and free yourself of your old self-definitions and learn how to use your energy to reclaim your true size in life

Call your Spirit back

I will guide you on a deep search to reveal your true colors in life. Some things will have a solution, others a resolution and many others  will be finally released so you can focus your energy

If you would like to invite Carolina to your conference, or to request information about worskops and presentations, please send an email to carolina@radiantexpansion.com or call (512)577-3999.


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